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Hear what people are saying about TRI Solutions

As we grow, we need a system that can scale with us like Acumatica can. I like that we can fire up other modules and pay for them as we need them. Other packages didn’t have that flexibility.

Acumatica makes us professional, modern—on the cutting edge of ERP software.

It’s great and very comforting to hear from your IT team that the solution you selected is flexible, easy to adapt and program.

Acumatica really does adapt to your business needs. It’s flexible and configurable and you can mold it to the way you need to do things—not the other way around. Acumatica is a great tool for nonprofits.

It’s very easy to get lost in the amount of menus that NetSuite has … it’s like a re-learning process every time you log in … Acumatica is easier to navigate.

Acumatica is an integrated solution that has helped us improve all the processes within our business and integrate all the pieces of the puzzle from CRM to warehousing to sales inventory and orders. Everything is under one umbrella.

To know that we have our CRM integrated with our Accounting, integrated with our Project Accounting, is excellent. The increased productivity when we’re not doing duplicate data entry is a big deal.

Conservatively, we’re looking at an increase of $600,000 in EBITDA profitability, once all of the suites are implemented. That’s massive.

Acumatica’s SaaS solution provided users with access to real-time data across seven companies in three different locations.

Acumatica allows us to focus more on what is good for our business and our process, rather than being stuck with a system and figuring out how to redesign around its process.

The software isn’t driving how we do business. We dictate how we need to use it.

By utilizing the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition module within the Acumatica Suite of Products, we were able to determine verifiable product costs that allowed us to put together a pricing model. This increased our gross margin percentage dramatically.

Acumatica is fast and efficient. During the holiday season we were able to import hundreds of orders that we previously had to batch using other ERP systems.

We have many reporting requirements. Now we’re able to easily give management the latest information—daily, weekly, monthly.

Being able to set up different branches and sub accounts on the fly will make it really easy when we acquire 200 more stores. I can create a new branch and have all the sub accounts within an hour or two.

Acumatica is incredibly simply to use, and it’s faster as well. Even though we were running Everest on premises, Acumatica is faster. The automation, the data import features and even batch change processes take minutes. Acumatica is reliable, and there’s no IT overhead.

I did demos with a lot of the ERP companies, the big ones Infor and SAP. What I found with Acumatica and the partner ASI was their willingness to answer all my questions and do multiple demos. From the start I really felt like they were here to fully support us.

In my old system, it would take me about a week to do a reconciliation. With Acumatica, I did September’s reconciliation in two hours. It’s saving me so much time.

We asked Acumatica to automate time tracking for people working in the field. They listened and delivered the Acumatica Project Accounting Suite that allows us to accurately track project profitability.

We looked around for quite a while for what we wanted—an ERP that could integrate with a POS and our website and one that would only cost a couple hundred thousand. Everyone told us that it didn’t exist, that it would cost $5 million. ‘In your price range,’ they said, ‘there are no integrated systems.

Acumatica has already proved effective in handling future needs with a clean and simple integration to our e-commerce system… I would recommend Acumatica to any growing distributor looking for a great system.

Before Acumatica, we used paper for every single activity in our lengthy approval process. Now everything is streamlined into one system.

I chose Acumatica because I knew it could handle our complexities… It was easy to get around from one screen to another, and I felt like it would take us into the twenty-first century.

Acumatica was by far the most robust Cloud ERP offering. It offers more functionality, better prices and more value to users.

I have worked with Becky Hesson and TRI Solutions for many years and their work is always top quality.

I would definitely recommend Acumatica to other businesses. It covers the full ERP functionality, it integrates with other products well, and it’s cost-effective. What is impressive about Acumatica is the user interface is exceptionally simple, the help guides are very useful and friendly, and we use them continuously today.

I am one of the key users of the dashboards TRI Solutions has created in Acumatica.   Those dashboards show me where the businesses are while I can do something about it… not just when we have closed the books for the period.

[Acumatica is] extremely reliable—a platform that is up and running 24/7 around the world. It’s accessible to everyone, any time they need it; there’s nothing from an Information System perspective that is stopping us.

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