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Art has actively worked for almost 10 years in the ERP space, providing consulting, implementation, and integration services.  He has worked with over 150 companies and has successfully helped them with their ERP implementation, including architecting customized solutions and integrating ERPs with other systems such as CRM and Marketing Automation.  Art has worked with Brian and Jeremy over the past 10 years, and decided to join EIS in January 2018.  Before working in the ERP space, Art spent an additional 12 years working in the education space, helping public schools implement Student Information Systems.  Art loves helping companies simplify complex problems and streamline business processes by delivering optimized solutions.  He has a love for data, business process, and systems, and helps companies make the best of the interaction between these things.  Art believes in helping companies and their employees do what they love most so they can focus on achieving their goals.

Today, Art oversees the Professional Services offered by EIS.  Art holds a Master’s and B.S. degree in Information Decision Systems with a minor in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.  Art strives to be a thought leader in the ERP space and offer innovative programs and solutions to enable businesses to expand and grow.

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