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How Will I Know When I need ERP?

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Most Business Solutions are Either a

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or a


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A Successful ERP Journey Begins
With a Dedicated Partner

Is it Time to Update Software or Grow Your Internal Team?

Custom Services for All of Your Business Needs


How Do These Impact Your Next Business Decision?

Adding new technology means you will also require changes across your departments.
Whether you need to train current personnel or temporarily hire skilled experts is precisely the solution we’ll provide.

Explore new software to create efficiencies across departments and position your company for growth management.
Your current team may need additional support to get new technology launched. That’s what we do best.

All Businesses and Industries Have Specific Needs
Let TRI Solutions Prepare You for Long-Term Success


Inventory Management, Purchasing and Sales Order Management


Multilevel BOM’s, MRP, Scheduling, Production Managment,  Planning, routing

Small Business

Acumatica selects user management in order to scale effectively

Retail + eCommerce

Multichannel capability for online and brick and mortar, Order management

Our Proven Process Can Help You Implement New Custom Technology In As Little As 90 Days.

TRI Solutions and EIS developed a partnership to help businesses craft solutions based on their specific needs. The implementation of an efficient ERP software system can provide stress-free access to the accounting, finance, and operations of the business.


Our experienced team will set up a cloud-based ERP software system to integrate Finance, Accounting, and Operations. Custom Reporting and Dashboards will be built based on the specific needs of your business. The goal of our team is to ensure your team is positioned for success.


Our goal is to make your business growth painless and efficient so that you will have an ERP system up and running within 90 days. Our training program is designed to help your team adjust to the new technology and develop more efficient internal processes.

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Contact us today to create these opportunities for your company. We are happy to answer any questions. We look forward to helping you enhance your business operations and support your growth through partnership.

See What People Are Saying About TRI Solutions

I would definitely recommend Acumatica to other businesses. It covers the full ERP functionality, it integrates with other products well, and it’s cost-effective. What is impressive about Acumatica is the user interface is exceptionally simple. The help guides are very useful and friendly, and we use them continuously today.

~ Derek Szabo,
Managing Director, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) Partnered with Acumatica
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