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Turning Taxes Into an Investment

Nobody enjoys paying taxes for their business, but it’s a responsibility that’s never going away. Why not make the most of it? Make taxes work for you. Now that we’re in the new year, it’s time to strategically plan for your taxes by decreasing your liability and increasing the amount of money you can save.

Use the tax code in your favor and walk away with the simple pleasure in life of spending less than what you expected. Be smart about it though. Don’t go blowing those savings on something that’s not going to give back. This is your chance to invest in your business.

While any investment is a good investment (i.e. equipment and marketing), some investments are smarter than others. What not invest in a system for your business that centralizes your data, giving you the ability to automate processes, and make decisions from real time information? How nice would it be to look at a dashboard and know exactly where your business stands? This is what ERP (enterprise resource planning) does as a business management system.

But first things first. Like I said, you have to be strategic with your taxes to maximize your savings.

At EIS, we can come up with a strategy specifically for your business that ensures you’re paying the least amount of money both professionally and personally. Our strategy allows you to make moves ahead of time, working in your favor by minimizing taxes, while also aligning with your overall goals. We’ll be by your side all the way through your tax preparation and filing. Smart investments start with smart decisions. Working with EIS if your first step.

Paulina Beck works as the Senior Financial Consultant and Director of Corporate Finance at Eclectic Innovative Solutions. Throughout her career Paulina has worked in compliance and financial operations in several Fortune 500 clients ranging from the financial to the energy industry. Her experience working for PricewaterhouseCoopers includes working as an information systems auditor and advanced analytics consultant.

Today, Paulina oversees the financial operations for EIS and facilitates the design and implementation of financials for clients. Her education includes a Bachelor’s from Florida State University in Finance and Economics.

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