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The Accountant Who Cried “ERP”

When I was a child, my mother would always read bedtime stories to me.  Keep in mind, this was before the E-reader, so we had to use old hard covered books that we had on the bookshelf.  We would read the same stories over and over and over again…  I do not know how my mother did it and remained sane, but that is a different story.

One book that particularly stood out to me and relates to the business world, in a way, is one of Aesop’s Fables “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.  The moral of the story is that nobody believes a liar, even when they are telling the truth.  The business world does not relate to the story from that perspective, it relates more towards the ending of the story when the boy cries out wolf and nobody listens.  Accountants in the business world have first-hand experience of this phenomenon.

When a business has an issue, major or minor, it somehow finds its way to be an accounting problem; almost to the point that the accounting department can sometimes be referred to as a “dumping ground” for business issues.  This is usually sparked by the fact that accountants have to work on multiple platforms and databases to assist all departments of a business. Obviously, this can get confusing when trying to solve an issue, someone from the department with the issue has to get with an accountant and together they have to fix it which wastes away a business day for not only one employee, but 2 employees in 2 different departments!  With all of this pressure on the accounting department, who wouldn’t cry out for help in their situation??  Wouldn’t it be better for the employees to have a system that provides visibility and that provides the ability to get answers in a self-service manner in real-time? Unfortunately, most companies do not have this in place because they are unaware of the ERP solutions available today.

Using an ERP system, such as Acumatica, will enable your company to have a centralized cloud-based system that every department will have access to.  With Acumatica, custom dashboards can be created for every department providing visibility to the data that is pertinent to them, all from their computer or mobile device.  This software will enable a business to understand their daily successes of the business and identify issues (accounting, financial, sales, operations, etc.) promptly because it displays real-time data about the company.  What makes this system even better is that it only requires one person to search for the data that might be causing the issue.  For instance, if the shipping department is having an accounting issue, they can go into their Acumatica system and pinpoint the exact spot where the issue is occurring and fix it instantly without even contacting an accountant.  So instead of wasting a whole workday for 2 employees, it only takes a moment for 1 employee to resolve.

It’s time to stop ignoring the accounting departments cries for help.  They work hard and have a lot of work to do to keep the business running smoothly.  Let TRI Solutions implement Acumatica to give your business easy access to real-time data and alleviate this strain for your company.

Matt Painter Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. He is currently an honors sophomore at the University of Alabama, seeking an Accelerated Master's Degree in Operations/Supply Chain Management in the Culverhouse College of Business. As a freshman, he was selected as an Ambassador for the college. He is also a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and serves on the Scholarship Committee. His internship at TRI is ongoing as a blog contributor and assistant to the marketing director.

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