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The Top 3 Reasons TRI Solutions is Your Best Choice ERP Partner

Our company helps businesses similar to yours integrate and automate their business processes to promote decreased costs and better efficiencies using industry best practices.

So maybe you are asking yourself, how would working with us be any different than partnering with any other consultant?  We bring you solutions in a way that is completely different than any other technology partner offers.  Just a few of the things that make us different are:

  1. Our solutions are not set up to charge by the number of users accessing the system – you can add unlimited users.
  2. We never charge for professional services – we charge a fixed monthly fee and provide Guru Rewards.
  3. We utilize a best practices program that gets you up and going within 90-days!

Interested in learning how we might be able to help you too?  Let me personally invite you to our weekly webinar on Thursday’s at 10:00AM (CST).  We have identified five top challenges that companies like yours have encountered – and how we have helped them resolve these challenges.  The webinar speaks to the distribution industry, but these challenges are faced by most industries – so please join us.  I’d love to see you there – just click the button below and register.  See you Thursday!!

If you are ready to correct inefficient processes, which ultimately affect profits, you’ll definitely want to be on this webinar.
Our goal is to empower you with proven solutions that positively impact the way you run your business.
Don’t Miss Out!Join us for an informative webinar that addresses the main challenges that most companies face.

Our goal is to empower you with proven solutions that positively impact the way you run your business.

Don’t Miss Out!

We are TRI Solutions.
We help companies make more money through improved enterprise software automation. We use bundled industry best practices to keep costs down, reduce project risk, reduce system complexity, and give clients predictability of the timeline for final results.

Helen has a diverse accounting background of over 20 years, giving her a unique viewpoint when discussing ERP systems – she’s been there before, and walked in those shoes. The majority of her experience falls into the project accounting/job costing arena, with additional insight into energy compliance services, litigation consulting services, furniture manufacturing, and account management. Helen made the transition from software end user to assisting clients with software decisions in 2015 and really enjoys the interactions with customers. She can confidently advise clients on Cloud & On-Premise products, business Insights tools, explosive growth strategies, and all aspects of accounting software differentiators.

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