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We Have Been in Your Shoes

Déjà vu is a strange phenomenon. For those who do not know, déjà vu is French for “already seen” or “seen this before”. Some say they have dreams that they later see again when they wake up the next day. Others just have a bizarre feeling in their gut that what they are seeing is a repeat of something they have experienced before. Well, this French saying is the best way to describe TRI Solutions.

At TRI Solutions, we help businesses implement ERP software. ERP (Enterprise Research Planning) is a business process management tool that allows a company to use integrated software that will display up-to-date information about the accounting, finance and operations of a business. Our implementation force goes to work hand-in-hand with your business to develop customized cloud-based software and provides training for you to help your business succeed.

Now what does implementing ERP software have to do with an old French saying, one might ask. TRI Solutions grew out of implementing an ERP software for our parent company and 12 subsidiaries so we have experienced the stress that accompanies it.

That is why we are here, because we have “Been There, Done That”. We are here for your company because setting up this system just feels like déjà vu to us. Our implementation team will take you step by step to set up the ERP software and avoid the pitfalls. In addition, we can create real-time dashboards and provide you training to use the system efficiently.

We want your business to succeed, and with our help and experience, we can execute an easy-to-use ERP system within your company with a typical 90 day implementation plan. We can make this simple for you!

Matt Painter Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. He is currently an honors sophomore at the University of Alabama, seeking an Accelerated Master's Degree in Operations/Supply Chain Management in the Culverhouse College of Business. As a freshman, he was selected as an Ambassador for the college. He is also a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and serves on the Scholarship Committee. His internship at TRI is ongoing as a blog contributor and assistant to the marketing director.

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